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Toughest UFC Pound For Pound Fighters

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The Ultimate Fighting Championship is still connected to martial arts enough to care, but once you cut through the weight divisions, who really is the toughest? Here’s a UFC countdown to the toughest fighter, pound for pound.
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Joanna Jedrzejczyk

11-0-0. 4 by KO. Strawweight Champion. 28 years old, Polish.
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Frankie Edgar

19-4-1. 6 by KO, 4 by submission. No. 2 Featherweight. 34 years old, US.
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Chris Weidman

13-1-0. 6 by KO, 3 by submission. No. 1 Middleweight. 32 years old, US.
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José Aldo

25-2-0. 14 by KO, 2 by submission. No.1 Featherweight. 29, Brazil.
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Daniel Cormier

17-1-0. 6 by KO, 5 by submission. Light Heavyweight Champion. 37, US.
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Conor McGregor

19-3-0. 17 by KO, 1 by submission. Featherweight Champion. 27, Ireland.
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Robbie Lawler

26-10-0. 20 by KO, 1 by submission. Welterweight Champion. 34, US.
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Rafael Dos Anjos

24-7-0. 5 by KO, 8 by submission.Lightweight Champion. 31, Brazil.
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Dominick Cruz

21-1-0. 7 by KO, 1 by submission. Bantamweight Champion. 31, US.
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Luke Rockhold

15-2-0. 4 by KO, 9 by submission. Middleweight Champion. 31, US.
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Demetrious Johnson

24-2-1, 5 by KO, 9 by submission. Flyweight Champion. 29, US. AKA ‘Mighty Mouse.’
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Jon ‘Bones’ Jones

22-1-0. 9 by KO, 6 by submission. Light Heavyweight #1 Contender. 28, US. Here ‘Bones’ shows Glover Teixeira that one of those bones is – the elbow!
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