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Things in Your Attic That are Worth A Lot of Money

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Attics are where most people store things they don’t want or need. However, some of those things could be worth a lot of money. Check your attic for these and you could be a whole lot wealthier.
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Cabbage Patch Kids

The original Cabbage Patch dolls can fetch upwards of $1,200.
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1960s Barbie Doll

These original Barbie dolls are worth nearly $4,000.
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Pokemon Cards

If you have an Ancient Mew card in your stash, you could be sitting on $1,500.
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Batman Comics

If you have an original Batman comic sitting in your attic, consider yourself about $5,000 richer.
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WWF Hasbro Figures

These old action figures of wrestling greats are worth more than $1,000
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Apple iPhone 2G First Generation

It might seem totally obsolete, but this phone is actually worth around $2,500 if it’s in good shape.
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Antique Jewelry

If you have some of Grandma’s old jewelry in your attic, you could get more than $10,000 for certain pieces.
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Castle Greyskull Limited Edition

If you have this toy languishing in your attic, you have about $2,000 up there.
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Beatles Records

The Yesterday and Today album was recalled, but some people held on to them. If you have one, it’s worth more than $15,000.
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Princess Diana Beanie Baby

If you have one of these in your attic, you’re looking at getting at least $30,000 if you decide to sell.
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First Edition Novels

First edition novels are like gold, with some of them fetching more than $150,000 at auction.
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Honus Wagner Baseball Card

Check your attic stash for one of the only 40 Honus Wagner baseball cards ever made. It’s worth at least $500,000.
Source: Pinterest

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The historic Fontainebleu Hotel in Miami is the largest resort on the Eastern seaboard and holds the record for having the most expensive hotel renovation in the country. In its earlier days, the Fontainebleu was a respite for the country's hottest stars, including Lucille Ball, Elvis Presley and the Rat Pack. The 2005 $1-billion facelift expanded the hotel to almost 3 times its former size -- $21 million went to renovating the outdoor pool area. Additionally, there are now 11 restaurants serving first-class meals and wines from all over the world.