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These Famous People Were Alledgedly Killed by the Illuminati

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The Illuminati is a secret society that many famous people have ties to. In some cases, a death is blamed on the society. Were these people killed by the Illuminati? It’s never been proven, but go ahead and decide for yourself.
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John Lennon

Some believe that Lennon’s outspoken nature regarding the industry caused him to be killed by Mark David Chapman while Chapman was under Illuminati control.
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Jim Morrison

Morrison was a member of the Illuminati and some think his death was orchestrated by them, though others think he is still alive and in hiding.
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Amy Winehouse

Winehouse is another famous person that was alledgedly killed by the Illuminati as a blood sacrifice.
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Michael Jackson

Jackson was once an Illuminati member, but he died not long after he started speaking out against them. Coincidence or not?
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Whitney Houston

Some think that Houston was killed as a blood sacrifice to the Illuminati, who had marked her for death.
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John F. Kennedy

When Kennedy was assassinated, many thought it was because he had been speaking against the Illuminati.
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Kurt Cobain

Because Cobain didn’t want to be so famous, some peole think that the Illuminati orchestrated his death due to the threat he placed against them.
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Tupac Shakur

Some believe that Tupac sold his soul to the Illuminati in exchange for his great success. He was later killed when he put up some sort of resistance.
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Princess Diana

The royals have long had ties to the Illuminati, but when Diana separated from Charles, it was seen as an embarrassment to the royals and some believe she was killed by the Illuminati as a result.
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Martin Luther King Jr.

Some feel that Martin Luther King Jr. was killed by Illuminati members after he spoke against the Vietnam War. True or not?
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Anna Nicole Smith

Many think that Smith was under Illuminati mind control and that she was killed as a sacrifice.
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Marilyn Monroe

It is alledged that the drug overdose that killed Monroe was orchestrated by the Illuminati.
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Elvis Presley

It is rumored that the Illuminati kept Presley drugged and overweight, which eventually led to his death in 1977.
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