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The Top Ranked Diners in America

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Diners are an American tradition with their menus that feature home cooking, including meatloaf, burgers and eggs with grits. Some are better than others. These are some of the best in America, according to Food and Wine magazine.
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Harry’s Coffee Shop

Next time you’re in La Jolla, California stop in here and enjoy papaya salad, cinnamon rolls or a milkshake.
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Goody Goody Diner

Here in St. Louis, the Goody Goody is as good as it sounds. Menu selections include mouthwatering breakfast burritos, hashbrowns, green chili and chicken and waffles.
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Fremont Diner

Located in Sonoma, California, this diner features such delights as eggs over brisket and collard greens.
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Florida Avenue Grill

Located in Washington D.C., this diner slings out all kinds of soul food, from grits to biscuits to fried catfish.
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Town Topic Hamburgers

Located on the Missouri side of Kansas City, you can enjoy burgers, chili and malts at this diner.
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Moody’s Diner

If you ever visit Waldoboro, Maine, your trip won’t be complete without a meal here. Choose from lobster rolls, blueberry muffins and chowder.
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Tops Diner

Located in East Newark, New Jersey, this diner serves up delicious fare from cheesecake to burgers to beans and eggs.
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Au Cheval

This Chicago eatery might sound fancy, but the menu includes diner favorites like cheeseburgers and eggs for breakfast.
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Highland Park Diner

Here in Rochester, people enjoy coming to Highland Park Diner for the fresh squeezed orange juice, corned beef hash and apple pie.
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Mickey’s Dining Car

Located in St. Paul, this diner is open 24 hours and serves up wonderful meals that include shakes, hash and burgers.
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Ruth’s Diner

In Salt Lake City, you can’t miss the food at Ruth’s. Choose from biscuits and gravy and raspberry chicken.
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Skillet Diner

If you’re ever in Seattle, stop in at the Skillet Diner for mac and cheese, bacon jam burgers and yummy fries.
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