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The Best Pickup Trucks for Families

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A pickup truck might not be your first thought when it comes to a family vehicle. However, there are some models designed with families in mind. One of these just might become your family’s next ride.
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Ford F-150 Super Crew

This truck has the most leg room in back and is ideal for a whole family since it is a full-size truck.
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Toyota Tundra Crew Max

Here’s another full size pickup that gets top ranks for interior space and lots of leg room.
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Nissan Frontier

This mid size truck is great for smaller families and doesn’t skimp on space or cargo room.
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Toyota Tacoma

Up to 5 people can comfortably ride in the Toyota Tacoma without feeling cramped.
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Nissan Titan

This is a full size pickup with lots of space for people and room for hauling things in the back.
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Chevrolet Silverado Crew Cab

If you need room for your family, this truck is one of the top picks when it comes to interior space.
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Dodge Ram 1500

Not only does this truck have space for hauling things, but you can easily fit carseats or booster seats in the back.
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Honda Ridgeline RT

This truck looks great, but also gives you plenty of power to tow and haul, while also offering all the space your family needs.
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GMC Sierra 1500

When you choose this truck you get all the little luxurious touches your family wants without having to sacrifice towing capacity of interior space.
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