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The Best Cities for a Staycation

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A staycation is one where you remain in your hometown and see the sights rather than traveling far away and having to book a hotel and a flight. These are the best cities for a staycation, according to Travel+Leisure.
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Boise, Idaho

Boise gets a rank of #2 for recreation and there are multitudes of indoor and outdoor options for your staycation.
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Las Vegas, Nevada

Vegas gets an entertainment rank as #1. With casinos, shopping and lots of restaurants, this is definitely a great place for a staycation.
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Cincinnati, Ohio

If you live here, your city gets high ranks for recreation, dining, entertainment and resta nd relaxation so you know your staycation is going to be fantastic.
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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

There’s a lot of history in Pittsburgh and the city also receives top ranks when it comes to entertainment and dining.
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Scottsdale, Arizona

With the golf courses, hiking trails and fine shopping, there is something for everyone when you enjoy a staycation in Scottsdale.
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Portland, Oregon

Residents of Portland will find plenty of relaxing things to do, as well as delicious dining options and tourist attractions for all ages.
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Atlanta, Georgia

This southern city is great place for a staycation with lots of fine dining, historical attractions and outdoor things to entertain kids and adults.
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Tampa, Florida

This warm weather destination is perfect for beach lovers and earns a rest and relaxation rank of #1.
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St. Louis, Missouri

In addition to the St. Louis Arch, this city features the Mississippi River, plenty of outdoor space and lots of dining and shopping to fill your staycation.
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Orlando, Florida

If you’re lucky enough to live in Orlando, Disney World isn’t your only staycation option. There’s lots to do on the water, plenty of shopping and some of the best dining and entertainment in the country.
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