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Stephen Curry is the New ‘King’ of the NBA

The votes are in… the people have spoken. LeBron James is no longer the ‘King’. That title now belongs to Golden State Warriors’ guard Stephen Curry.

Curry was the overall leading vote-getter for the 2015 NBA All-Star game, edging James by just under 43,000 votes. He did so with a huge surge of votes during the final days of voting considering that at the last update, James had a 13,000 vote advantage.

In a statement, Curry said, “This means a lot it’s something that I don’t take for granted. To have support of fans not only in the Bay Area but across the nation and across the world, supporting not only myself but our team, it means a lot. I want to represent the Warriors the best way I know how, every single game, and will do that proudly in New York thanks to the fans and their votes. Something that’s definitely a dream come true, and to be two times in a row, I’m proud of that.”

Photo source: Instagram

In an interview with KNBR in the Bay Area, Warriors coach Steve Kerr said, “It just shows you not only how exciting Steph is, but just how charismatic he is, how much the fans identify with him, like him,. It’s just phenomenal to watch just his career really blossoming. An All-Star last year and the leading vote-getter this year, everybody wants to wear his jersey, everybody wants to shoot like him. It’s fantastic and well-deserved.”

Stephen Curry will join fellow Western Conference teammates Kobe Bryant of the Lakers, Blake Griffin of the Clippers, Anthony Davis from New Orleans and Marc Gasol from Memphis as starters for the game on Feb. 15 at Madison Square Garden.

James will be joined by , Washington’s John Wall, Toronto’s Kyle Lowry, New York’s Carmelo Anthony and Chicago’s Pau Gasol as starters for the Eastern Conference.

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