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Ridiculous On Set Demands of Celebrities

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Some celebs are totally down to earth and laid back, but there are others who allow their fame to get the better of them. You aren’t going to believe what these celebrities demand.
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Paula Abdul

Abdul reportedly requests that anything about her is on Tivo and that her staff repeatedly tells her that she is a warrior.
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Jennifer Lopez

At a charity event, Lopez demanded a 45-foot trailer that was decorated all white on the inside.
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Steven Tyler

Apparently, Steven Tyler chooses a girl from the crowd at each of his shows and requires his staff to ensure that she takes a shower and is waiting for him after the show.
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Will Ferrell

Ferrell is known for his funny antics so no one is sure how serious he was when he once asked for a rainbow on wheels and a 15-foot tree.
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Kanye West

West loves cotton so much that he forbids his drivers from wearing anything but cotton.
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Britney Spears

In addition to McDonald’s cheeseburgers without the buns, Spears requested a framed photo of Princess Diana at a London performance.
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Van Halen

Van Halen once delivered a 53-page document detailing their demands. That includes M&Ms with all the brown ones removed.
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Depsite his tragic death, Prince was an outlandish guy and often requested empty tables placed in his venues so his fans could leave him gifts.
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Eric Clapton

One of the only things that Clapton requests at his shows is room for his foosball table, which he takes everywhere he goes.
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Mary J. Blige

Blige asks for brand new toilet seats at every place she performs so she doesn’t have to worry about germs.
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