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One Hit Wonders You Probably Forgot About

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A one hit wonder is a person or band that has a super successful song, but then doesn’t do anything remarkable after that. These are some that you might not remember until you hear them play.
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Mark Dinning

“Teen Angel”
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The Singing Nun

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Vicki Lawrence

“The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia”
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Terry Jacks

“Seasons in the Sun”
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Carl Douglas

“Kung Fu Fighting”
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Starland Vocal Band

“Afternoon Delight”
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Wild Cherry

“Play That Funky Music”
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Lipps, Inc.

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Dexy’s Midnight Runners

“Come on Eileen”
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Sir Mix-a-Lot

“Baby Got Back”
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The Heights

“How do You Talk to an Angel”
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Taylor Hicks

“Do I Make You Proud”
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Men's Luxury Lifestyle Tip/Fact #1

When it comes to luxury, restaurants and hotels around the world continually push the limits to give their customers unparalleled experiences. Before selecting a destination, think about your definition of luxury. For some travelers, nothing less than white-glove service will do. Private butler service isn't merely a nice touch, it's a necessity. For others, luxury means a private beach where you can gaze out and not see another soul. A gourmet meal served at a table inside a celebrity chef's kitchen is many people's idea of the ultimate indulgence. Your idea of luxury will dictate your travel plans almost as much as your budget.

Men's Luxury Lifestyle Tip/Fact #2

The Tom Ford with Diamonds are the most expensive men's pair of shoes in the worlds. They are fully covered with 14,000 diamonds on top of a pure white gold layer. The price of these shoes is estimated to be $2 million. It takes a complete year in its making, and the whole design of these shoes speaks itself. It was also seen on the show called America`s Got Talent by Nick Cannon who was also named as the first man who ever wore the most expensive loafer in the world.

Men's Luxury Lifestyle Tip/Fact #3

If you did know that underwater hotels existed, there is a chance that the reason you knew was because you have heard of, visited, or stayed at the Atlantis. The underwater Atlantis is based in Dubai, and is not the same as the famous one in the Bahamas. However, it is still well-known in its own right. As far as lost cities go, this one is nice. Relax in luxury while your kids explore. Then, when you are ready for a real out-of-the-ordinary experience, just open your curtains. The beauty of the sea will greet you right outside your window.