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Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban Commends NFL on Dez Bryant Catch Reversal

While the entire city of Dallas is still upset over the Dez Bryant catch reversal during Sunday’s NFC Divisional Playoff Game at Green Bay, at least one person in the city is commending the NFL for a job well done. That person happens to be outspoken Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban who made it a point to defend the NFL and its ruling and hoped that the NBA would follow suit by with regards to making its rulebook black and white.

Now understand that Cuban is not making a statement against the Cowboys. He is making a statement for the NFL in their handling of the situation. Here is what he had to say.

“They’re trying to define a catch,” Cuban said. “What I give them credit for is that, unlike the NBA, they defined the rule so that it’s easy to call under replay. There’s no room for discretion. None. Hands hit the ground, ball came loose, that was part of the completion of the play. Zero discussion.

Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban Commends NFL on Dez Bryant Catch Reversal

“If you want to change the rule, that’s a different discussion and I’m sure they will. But they wrote the rule so that there’s no room for interpretation. Unlike the NBA, where there is interpretation of everything, even afterward.”

Cuban is notorious for his run-ins with NBA officials and is often very critical of how they referee games on the floor. In his world, the NBA would have a rule book that is not up to interpretation but more black and white with little wiggle room.

But despite the NFL’s defending of the rule that overturned Bryant’s amazing catch on Sunday, Cuban also admits that the league should be able to identify which rules need to change.

“It’s a rule that needs to change, but it was a call by the rule, right?” he asked. “Up in the air, you’re coming down, it’s like stumbling when you’re falling. If it had been a running play, he’d have been down. Who’s going to force the change? Who’s the Mark Cuban of the NFL?

“But I give the NFL credit, which I rarely do, because their goal was to make a bright line so that there’s no discretion by the officials, which I really wish we would do here.”

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