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Jim Harbaugh Ready to Bring Michigan Back to Greatness

It seems like forever ago since we all witnessed the “Game of the Century” between No. 1 Ohio State and No. 2 Michigan back in 2006. Both teams were 11-0 led by head coaches Jim Tressel of the Buckeyes and Lloyd Carr of the Wolverines.

On that great day eight years ago, Ohio State won a thriller, 42-39…

… and the rivalry has never been the same ever since.

But new Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh could help turn things around.

Photo source: Twitter

Ohio State has dominated the rivalry since 2004 winning 10 out of the last 11. Michigan fans have been starving for a coach like Harbaugh to help make them a more competitive team in the Big Ten next to the Buckeyes and Michigan State.

“Throughout my life, I have dreamed of coaching at the University of Michigan,” said a raspy-voiced Harbaugh who was reading from a statement at a packed news conference in Ann Arbor on Tuesday. “Now I have the honor to live it.”

Harbaugh coached the San Francisco 49ers over the past four years, leading them to three consecutive NFC Championship games and one Super Bowl appearance before finishing 8-8 this season. Harbaugh and the 49ers mutually parted company allowing him to jump back to the college game where he was the head coach at Stanford before being hired in San Francisco.

“Top to bottom, Michigan is about excellence, is about greatness, and you have my pledge that I will carry forward the tradition of excellence of the University of Michigan football program,” Harbaugh said.

Despite finishing the 2014 season at 5-7 under former head coach Brady Hoke, Harbaugh insists that the program does not need to be turned around.

“There are no turnarounds at Michigan,” he said. “This is greatness.”

As for recruiting, Jim Harbaugh does not believe it will be a tough job despite poor performances in recent seasons.

“I know Michigan football,” he said. “I believe in Michigan football. That will not be a hard job.”

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