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Fun Facts about the 2016 NFL Schedule

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Most people don’t know anything about the NFL schedule until it comes out, but there are some facts about the lineup for 2016 that you’ll enjoy knowing.
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Seahawks vs. Patriots

In Week 10, the Seahawks will meet up again for the first time since they played in Super Bowl 49.
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Saints Game

The week 10 game in New Orleans will memorialize the 10 year anniversary of the opening of Super Dome after Hurricane Katrina.
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New Stadium

The Vikings will open their new stadium during week 2 and will play against the Green Bay Packers.
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Super Rematch

There will be a rematch between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers on September 8th after the Broncos reigned in Super Bowl 50. The Denver versus Carolina rematch will be the first Super Bowl rematch held during week 1 since 1970.
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Tom Brady to Denver

In Week 15, the Patriots return to Denver, this time without Payton Manning.
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Former Teams

In Week 4, both Drew Brees and Robert Griffin III will faceoff with their former teams. Brees will face San Diego and RG III face Washington.
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Raiders Return

Week 9 will see the Raiders play their first Sunday night game in 10 years against the Denver Broncos.
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Thanksgiving Games

In keeping with tradition, the Vikings and Lions will play, the Redskins versus the Cowboys and a matchup between the Steelers and Colts on Thanksgiving Day.
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Christmas Eve Games

Christmas Sunday games are shifting to Christmas Eve Saturday this year.
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