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Famous People Who Have Secret Babies

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It’s the stuff of soap operas, but many big names have a secret child out there somewhere. These are some of them.
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Gavin Rossdale

Gavin’s secret daughter was 14 years old before he found out he was her father, and not just her godfather.
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Chris Brown

Brown’s girlfriend at the time didn’t find out for nine months that he had fathered another child from an affair with another woman.
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Eddie Murphy

After a paternity test, Murphy found out he had fathered a child with Mel B, also known as Scary Spice.
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Simon Cowell

After a secret affair with his best friend’s wife, Cowell discovered that he was the father of the child the woman gave birth to.
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Eric Clapton

Clapton fathered a secret baby during an affair that ended his marriage. The child later fell out a window and died.
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Chuck Norris

Twenty-six years after an affair, Norris discovered that he had fathered a daughter.
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Hugh Grant

Grant fathered not one, not two, but three children in a span of only 15 months. The news broke when he named himself on the birth certificates.
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Jesse Jackson

After an extramarital affair, Jackson finally admitted to having a secret baby. He remained married, depsite the scandal.
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Clark Gable

Gable fathered a secret child while still married to his wife. The news wasn’t discovered until after the mother of the baby had died and her biography was released.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger

This big time actor led a double life and admitted to an affair with a housekeeper that produced a child. He kept it a secret from his wife for over 10 years.
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