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Cities With The Most Major Pro Sports Titles

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Here are the American cities with the most championships in the major pro sports – football, baseball, basketball and hockey – as two ‘lovable losers’ square off in the World Series. A win by either would add to their cities’ tally. Does your town rank?
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Green Bay

13 Championships. The Pacers are Green Bay’s one pro team, and they’re one of football’s traditional winners, with 4 Super Bowl titles and 9 NFL championships before the Super Bowl era.
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13 Championships. People forget how good the Browns used to be. They’ve won 10 championships between the NFL and the old AAFC. The Indians have won 2 World Series (and are gunning for a third at this writing), and, of course, the 2016 Cavaliers broke a 50+ year championship drought for the city by winning an NBA title.
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St. Louis

13 Championships. The Cardinals are the most successful National League team, taking 11 World Series crowns. In football, St. Louis has one Super Bowl thanks to the ‘Greatest Show on Turf’ 1999 Rams. In basketball the old St. Louis Hawks won the NBA crown in 1957–58.
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15 Championships. No city its size has won so much. Nor has any had such balance. The Steelers lead with an NFL- leading 6 Super Bowl titles. The Pirates have 5 World Series titles. The Penguins, meanwhile, are the reigning Stanley Cup champions, taking home their 4th.
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16 Championships. The Phillies won their second World Series in 2008. Aside from that, Philadelphia’s last crown was the 76ers NBA title in 1983. The Flyers won Stanley Cups in 1974-75, the Eagles have three pre-Super Bowl NFL titles, and the town’s biggest winner, Connie Mack’s Philadelphia Athletics, won 5 World Series but have been in Oakland CA for a half-century.
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Los Angeles

20 Championships. A little over half of this tally represents the Lakers’ 11 NBA titles while in LA. The Dodgers have 5 World Series crowns in LA, the Angels also have won, and the Ducks have chipped in a Stanley Cup. The LA Raiders have a Super Bowl, and the old Rams won an NFL championship. LA sports fans will note that their city suffers unfairly from our not counting either pro soccer or, especially, NCAA football and basketball.
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22 Championships. The Tigers have bagged 4 World Series and the Lions actually won 4 pre-Super Bowl NFL titles. The Pistons have 3 NBA titles. But the big winner in this town is certainly the Red Wings, with 11 Stanley Cups.
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28 Championships. The Cubs now challenge for their 3rd World Series crown, and the White Sox have another 3. The Bears have their Super Bowl, but also 8 NFL titles before the Super Bowl era; the old Chicago Cardinals also have a couple titles. The Blackhawks have 4 Stanley Cups, and of course Michael Jordan led the Bulls to 6 NBA crowns.
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36 Championships. The Patriots have been Team of the Century with 4 Super Bowl wins. The Red Sox sit with 8 World Championships and the old Boston Braves won one in 1914. The Bruins add 6 Stanley Cups. But the big story in Boston remains the Celtics, with their 17 NBA titles.
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New York

52 Championships. Where to begin? With the Yankees, of course, winners of 27 World Series. The New York Giants, Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Mets have combined for another 7 baseball crowns. The Rangers and Islanders have combined for 8 Stanley Cups. To the Jets’ lone Super Bowl win, add the Giants’ 3, plus 4 pre-Super Bowl NFL titles for the G-Men. The Knicks add two NBA titles.
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