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Celebs Are Paid Big Money To Push Junk Food

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When you’re even a minor celebrity, endorsement deals start coming in. When you’re a Megastar, those deals can be mind blowing. Here’s a list of products some celebs are getting paid to endorse – which is mostly junk food. But, there’s nothing unhealthy about a fat paycheck…
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Ne Yo

Pepsi Regular: $1 Million
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Doritos: $1 Million
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Jessie J

Pop Tarts: $1 Million
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Sheets Energy Strips $1.2 Million
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Nongshim Shin Ramyun Black Cup: $1.3 Million
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Carrie Underwood

Hershey’s Chocolate: $1.5 Million
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Juicy J

CORE Hydration: $1.5 Million
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Dr. Pepper: $1.8 Million
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Mike And Ike: $2 Million
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Katy Perry

PopChips: $2 Million
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Britney Spears

GG Tea: $2 Million
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Maroon 5

Coca-Cola: $2 Million
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Chris Brown

Wrigley’s Doublemint: $2.1 Million
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Blake Shelton

Pizza Hut: $2.5 Million
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Activia: $2.5 Million
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Snoop Dogg

Hot Pockets: $2.5 Million
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Twix: $3 Million
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Justin Timberlake

McDonald’s is paying JT $6 million to participate in the “I’m lovin’ it” campaign until it expires.
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And, Finally…

Beyonce inked a deal with Pepsi in 2012 that pays $5 million a year for 10 years. Yup. That’s 50 million bucks! No wonder Jay-Z put a ring on it…
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Men's Luxury Lifestyle Tip/Fact #1

Luxury fashion has become a huge global business in the past few decades. Several major brands are dominant players. But brands not traditionally associated with luxury have also established themselves. Taken together, these 10 brands are worth a whopping $121.74 billion. From bottom to top, the top luxury fashion businesses are Tiffany & Co., Prada, Adidas, Cartier, Hermes, Gucci, Zara, Nike, H&M and Louis Vuitton.

Men's Luxury Lifestyle Tip/Fact #2

When you think of Marriott, you might not think of luxury, but you need to think again. The very high-end J.W. Marriott brand is named for the founder of Marriott Hotels, John Willard Marriott. And it is quite luxurious, competing with some of the most luxurious hotel chains in the world. Amenities include spas with private sanctuaries, personal trainers, pools and ultra luxurious suites. J.W. Marriott has over 75 locations including New York (The famed Essex House is now a J.W. Marriott), Los Angeles, Azerbaijan, Kuwait, several in Hong Kong, Mexico, The United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Malaysia and Bangladesh.

Men's Luxury Lifestyle Tip/Fact #3

Star Island in the Bahamas is a remote 35-acre island in the heart of the Caribbean -- it's also home to the world's first totally off-the-grid, eco-friendly island resort. Star stands for sustainable terrain and resources and that means this luxury resort will power itself without using outside money or resources. Footprints in the sugary sand will be the only ones you leave; carbon footprints of Star Island guests will be virtually nonexistent. Each of the 44 private bungalows has its own separate solar-, wind- or hydro-power source. The resort is also home to a high-end spa and fitness center and all the food served is pesticide-free and locally grown.