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Athletes Who Have Sustained Crazy Off-Field Injuries

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Injuries are expected on the playing field, but sometimes athletes suffer crazy injuries when they aren’t even on the field. Check these out.
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Ben Roethisberger

This football legend wrecked his motorcycle and required 7 hours of surgery to repair his head injury.
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Cal Ripkin Jr.

This baseball player had his nose broken by a teammate during team pictures.
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Lionel Simmons

Simmons missed several games after developing tendonitis due to his Game Boy habit.
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Ken Griffey, Jr.

Griffey was sidlined after breaking his hand while wrestling with his son.
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Larry Walker

Walker once separated his shoulder while he was fishing and missed the beginning of his 1997 season.
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Randy Orton

Here’s a pro wrestler who once dislocated his shoulder while taking out the trash.
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Nolan Ryan

Ryan was bit by a coyote during his career, though he did stick his hand into the enclosure to pet the coyotes.
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Michael Jordan

Jordan once cut his finger on a cigar cutter, though it didn’t interfere too much with his basketball game.
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Matt Bonner

While playing for the San Antonio Spurs, Bonner blames his tendonitis on switching to the iPhone 6, which was bigger than he was used to.
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Justin Turner

After suffering from an infected pimple, Turner was sent to the ER instead of the baseball field.
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Steve Nash

This L.A. Lakers player hurt his back while carrying bags.
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